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2020.11.23 | Lecture / talk

CCTD invited to give a presentation on digital challenges in a high school setting

Marie-Louise Wagner and Line Have Musaeus invited to give a talk to the advisory board at Skanderborg Gymnasium.

2020.11.15 | Media coverage

The digital potential - how do we realize it?

Professor Ole Sejer Iversen was invited to give a presentation on a conference at Christiansborg on November 6 2020.

2020.11.13 | Research news

ySKILLS: Children’s digital skills positively affect learning outcomes

The European Horizon 2020 project proudly presents two new reports on children's and young people's digital skills.

Podcast on computational thinking

2020.10.23 | Media coverage

Podcast on computational thinking

CCTD researcher Line Have Musaeus featured in a podcast about the use of models in education.


2020.09.24 | Research news

ySKILLS: Report on Interviews with Experts on Digital Skills in Schools and on the Labour Market

Education and labour market experts agree: Mastering digital skills is vital but digital literacy education is often deficient and unequal.

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