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Fellowship for experienced educators in Danish primary and secondary schools and makerlabs

  • 8 best practice courses developed through Villum Fellowship can be found here.

VILLUM FONDEN invites educators from Danish primary and secondary schools as well as teachers trainers from municipalities and makerspaces to apply for a Research Fellowship focused on design literacy and computational empowerment. The scholarship will give you an unique opportunity to acquire insight to the latest research in the field and establish collaboration with leading labs, researchers and developers of didactics from university colleges. You will learn from ongoing teaching programs in elementary, middle and high schools in Denmark as well as current debates on how to introduce design literacy and computational empowerment in the core curriculum. The research and learning from practical experiences in Denmark will provide you with an opening to inspire and inform your local community of educators at your school, in the municipality or your makerspace. 

With this program, we want to develop a national network among researchers and experienced educators to learn from and go beyond the current state of the art within technology comprehension. The goal is to position Denmark in the international elite when it comes to preparing future generations for the digital society.

  • The programme offers an opportunity for educators across subjects in primary and secondary school to

    Take part in an elite group of didactical developers and researchers and receive feedback on your specific teaching in design, construction and computational empowerment

    Learn and practice assessment of pupils related to your specific teaching

    Strengthen your skills as community builder at your school and across schools

    Gain insight into best teaching practice in the Danish educational system.  

The programme is divided into two: 

1. Design and Construct (August-September)

2. Computational Empowerment (November)

The length of each stay is approximately 25 hours including your travel time during 4 weeks and you should expect to spend 37 hours on preparation, teaching, feedback meeting, and documentation.

  • Aim of the program

    Disseminate international research and enrich national best-practice on complex problem solving in education of children through design and emerging technology

    Co-create design literacy indicators for assessing pupil learning based on didactical designs that are being practiced

    Train educator-educator observation and feedback and build capacity for implementing technology comprehension at Danish primary and secondary schools and municipalities

    Reflect and adopt findings into future educational practice

    Foster cross sector educational development and capacity building community

Research partner

VIA University College

  • Mikkel Hjorth, associate professor

Development partners

Future Classroom Lab, Københavns Professionshøjskole

  • Malte Von Sehested, digital didactical consultant 
  • Lasse Remmer, digital didactical consultant

VIA University College

  • Mikkel Wiskerchen, assistant professor 
  • Louise Lottrup, assistant professor


  • FabLab Spinderihallerne, Vejle Kommune
  • Gentofte Kommune
  • Aarhus Kommune

VILLUM FONDEN er en almennyttig fond, der støtter teknisk og naturvidenskabelig forskning, samt miljømæssige, sociale og kulturelle formål i ind- og udland.

Further information and how to apply for the fellowship

  • Read more about this fellowship here (VIA University College) and here (University College Copenhagen) - both descriptions are in Danish.
  • Teaching and dialogue will primarily be in Danish. All teaching material will be in Danish.

  • If you wish to apply for the fellowship, you must write an email to Katrine Holm Kanstrup (kat@cc.au.dk).
  • We recruit participants until June 5th 2020.

The programme is funded by VILLUM FONDEN, and managed by Center for Computational Thinking & Design, Aarhus University, VIA University College and Future Classroom Lab at Købehavns Professionshøjskoler.


Katrine Holm Kanstrup

Chief/Special Consultant Department of Computer Science

CCTD researchers

Christian Dindler

Associate Professor School of Communication and Culture - Department of Digital Design and Information Studies

Ole Sejer Iversen

Professor School of Communication and Culture - Department of Digital Design and Information Studies