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Research Center for Technology Comprehension in K-12 Education


The Center vision is to empower children and youth to understand the impacts of digital technology, co-create digital technologies and participate constructively and critically as democratic citizens in the digitized society.


In 2024-2028 the research center aims to develop:

  • An overview of existing research results and policy papers and communicate research studies from the research center to international researchers and policymakers (WPA)
  • Strategies, tools and resources for teachers to support students’ computational empowerment competences (WPB)
  • A national and interdisciplinary research community that unites researchers, teachers, and teacher trainers towards a shared Danish approach to Technology Comprehension

Project Contribution:

The center (WP C) will host a national conference and several seminars and more than 12 peer-reviewed articles on computational empowerment including:

  • Methods for participatory development with teachers and students (WPB)
  • Progress through out K12 in competence goals (B1.1)
  • Formative assessment criteria (B1.2)
  • Teaching strategies and guidelines for diversity (B1.3)
  • Teaching tools and principles for Math (B2.1), Danish (B2.2), and Technology comprehension, and informatics (B2.3)
  • New education technology, and principles for technology development (B3.1)
  • Resources and strategies for scaling outcomes and national outreach (B3.2)

Research areas

PD, IDC, CHI, IJCCI, Design studies, FACCT

Publication category

Child-Computer Interaction, Computing Education Research, Technology education

Funding Partners

Novo Nordisk Foundation NNF23SA0082894 

Lundbeck Foundation R419-2022-1261. 


Contact - follow links

Director and lead WP B & B1.1

Ole Sejer Iversen 


Deputy director and lead WPB

Lars Bo Andersen 


Contact Programme leads with requests related to partnerships


Camilla Balslev Nielsen

K10-12/High schools

Katrine Holm Kanstrup

Please contact work package (WP) leads if you are interested in joining research groups

Lead WPA: Lillian Buus

Lead WP B1.2: Christian Dindler

Lead WP B1.3: Vibeke Schrøder 

Lead WP B2.1: Morten Misfelt 

Lead WP B2.2: Marie Falkesgaard Sloth

Lead WP B2.3: Mikkel Hjorth

Lead WP B3.1: Marianne Graves

Lead WP B3.2: Thomas Illum Hansen

Lead WPC: Christian Johannessen