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Makerspace Workshops for teachers, school leaders, municipalities, and partners

Makerspace Workshops for teachers, school leaders, municipalities, and partners

Villum Foundation invites five municipalities to participate in workshops on computational empowerment in education - how to prepare school(s) to integrate making in education and to teach technology comprehension.

Aim of the workshops

Aabenraa, Aalborg, Gentofte, Greve and, Lejre Municipalities have been selected by Villum Foundation to apply for project grants to establish makerspaces. As part of their application process, School leaders and teachers, municipal advisors, and partners are invited to participate in a two-day workshop on building sustainable makerspaces and teacher communities.

The goal is to empower future generations in Denmark with motivation to adopt and develop new technologies with a critical mindset in order to solve societal challenges.

The workshop offer to stakeholders: Start up your makerspace with shared knowledge, vision and network 

Makerspaces are sustained by 1) a strong common vision on your why; 2) engagement of stakeholders and users; 3) your community and ability to grow a culture of knowledge sharing. During the workshop you:

  • Build a shared insight into the latest research in computational empowerment in education, teaching competences, and parameters for choosing technologies to support teaching design processes.
  • Receive practical insights from teacher supervisors at leading makerspaces on how to choose change agents at your school and in the lab, what technologies to purchase, and how to organize knowledge sharing between schools and municipalities.
  • Work out a shared vision for your makerspace and a strategy canvas, you can present and use at home in order to involve your students, parents, politicians, and colleagues in building the makerspace with you. 
  • Share your visions in your team, and get feedback and ideas from other school leaders, staff, municipal partners, advisors, experienced makerspace advisors and researchers.

In the workshop participants engage in a hands-on experience, presentations and dialogue, an introduction-to-lab tour, and group assignments.

After the workshop municipalities can make changes to their makerspace applications to Villum Foundation based on their discussions and new insights from the workshops.

Workshop hand-outs and related research and publications

"En designtilgang til Teknologiforståelse".

"Impediments to Digital Fabrication in Education: A Study of Teachers’ Role in Digital Fabrication".

Book a workshop

Any municipality can book a similar 2-day workshop at any time. The workshop takes place at FabLab Spinderihallerne in Vejle. Send an email to Katrine Holm Kanstrup to book.

Project Domain of Research:

Research impact in the field of primary and secondary education

Project Contribution:

Knowledge transfer - putting research on computational empowerment into practice

Funding Partner

Villum Foundation

Research Areas


Contact project lead

Katrine Holm Kanstrup

Chief Consultant School of Communication and Culture - Information Science

Project Participants

Research Presenters

Ole Sejer Iversen

Professor School of Communication and Culture - Information Science

Makerspace hosts and maker-teachers/teacher supervisors

  • Peter Dahl, Leder og Simon Vibe, læringsrådgiver Fablab Spinderihallerne, Vejle Kommune & lærer Anita Ousen, CEO Mindthefuture
  • Jesper Drachmann, Konsulent for Teknologi & InnovationTekX, Rødovre Kommune