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Elective subject on technology comprehension in Danish primary schools

Three year trial project

In 2017 the Danish Minister of Education, Merete Riisager, decided to initiate a research project focusing on the development of the elective subject Technology Comprehension. The project runs over a three year trial period from 2017-2020.

Prior to the implementation a curriculum was formulated by a group of experts within teaching and research, and published to emu.dk (the curriculum is available at emu.dk). The curriculum serves as a starting point for the subject to evolve around and be tested from. The overall goal within the three year trial period is to investigate if and how Technology Comprehension can be appropriately implemented in Danish lower secondary education; The aim is to collect experiences and knowledge from the project in order to investigate if the subject is sustainable and can be included in the permanent elective series for 7th to 9th graders in Danish primary schools.

Center for Computational Thinking & Design develop and provide support for the schools and the teachers in the project, in order to pursue a successful implementation of Technology Comprehension. This is primarily done by mapping the teachers competencies in order to establish an understanding on how Technology Comprehension can accommodate and expand their current professionalism. In search of a way for the teachers to develop Technology Comprehension from inside the classroom and across subjects, we have encouraged and facilitated peer support among the teachers, since their perceptions of the subject is central to this project.

The project is managed and implemented in collaboration between Aarhus Universitet, Professor Ole Sejer Iversen, IT University of Copenhagen, Head of Department Peter Sestoft, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, Deputy head of Department Martin Lillholm, It-vest Networking Universities, Aarhus University, Managing Director Michael Caspersen, DTU Compute and Technical University of Denmark, Professor Helle RootzĂ©n.

Project facts

  • Prior to launching the project 13 primary schools were selected by the Ministry of Education to participate. The schools have been selected in order to represent different geographical areas and socio-economic diversities across Denmark.

  • List of schools participating in the project can be found here.

  • In the initial year of the project 20 teachers and 303 students have engaged with Technology Comprehension.

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