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Digital Empowerment in Danish high schools

Digital Empowerment in Danish high schools

CCTD offer a course in computational modeling and social science or other subjects leading to teachers and students’ digital empowerment. We direct a social science perspective on digital technologies and together teachers and researchers ask: How do computer models affect an understanding of social science issues and how can we introduce digital empowerment as an integrated part of teaching in social studies education? The course aims to provide a professionally grounded understanding of digital technology under the conditions of social studies and upper secondary school didactics.

In the course, the participants, in collaboration with researchers, will acquire a language for digital empowerment aimed at f.x. social studies. In the compressed format of the course, the participants will gain an initial familiarity with computer modeling and the ethical, organizational and structural considerations that an increased use of modeling will bring to the subjects of history and social studies.

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High school education

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Line Have Musaeus

Postdoc Department of Computer Science

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