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A web-based, modular toolkit for developing collaborative and flexible learning environments in Informatics

The CoTinker project addresses the development and design of an open source infrastructure that enables the development of new learning tools within computational thinking (CT) to support collaboration and flexibility in informatics and science learning environments. The purpose of the CoTinker project is to establish an infrastructure that supports collaboration between researchers and teachers. A collaboration that enables a quick and efficient way to design innovative components for digital learning environments that are adapted to the needs of a Scandinavian learning context in upper secondary school.

Project contribution

CoTinker will contribute to research into the two-pronged strategy of 'integrating CT into subjects' and 'CT as a stand alone subject' in upper secondary education.

The aim of the project it to develop an open source toolkit (CoTinker) to support teaching in CT and modeling in high school. The toolkit has been developed on the basis of a Danish didactics with a focus on collaboration, flexibility, creativity and computational expressiveness.

Research area/category

HCI, Computing Education, CS Education.
SIGCSE Lightning Talks, CHI.

Project participants

This project is carried out as a collaboration with

  • Scott Donaldson, founder of Open Set and inventor of Flocc
  • CAVI, School of Communation and Culture, Aarhus University

Funding partner

This project was initially funded by:

  • It-vest - networking universities, Aarhus

This project is now funded by:

Project webpage


Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose

Associate Professor Department of Computer Science

Line Have Musaeus

Postdoc Department of Computer Science

Project Owner

Ole Sejer Iversen

Professor School of Communication and Culture - Department of Digital Design and Information Studies

Marianne Graves Petersen

Professor Department of Computer Science