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Vacancy: 2 years fully funded post doc in Computational Empowerment in K-12 Education

The Center for Computational Thinking & Design is looking for a Postdoc in Computational Empowerment in Formal Education.

We are looking for researchers to do participatory design intervention around emerging technologies in K-12 education working with Christian Dindler, Marianne Graves Petersen, Magnus Høholt Kaspersen, Line Have Musaeus, Katrine Holm Kanstrup, Ole Sejer Iversen and many others in the Center for Computational Thinking & Design, Aarhus University.

You will be a part of our international and highly interdisciplinary research center in which we devote our research to understand how children and young adults can be empowered by engaging them in the development of emerging technologies and understanding how digital technologies effects formal education. You will have direct access to educational environment (K-12 education) and established collaborations with teachers in primary, secondary and high schools.
We are interested in understanding how new technologies can be introduced into education, how formal assessment can help teachers in teaching informatics, and how children can have an active voice in the development in novel technologies.

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