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Ole Sejer Iversen on Mikroskop

Ole Sejer Iversen from CCTD has been a guest on Novo Nordisk Foundation's new podcast, Mikroskop.

Ole Sejer Iversen has spoken with the Novo Nordisk Foundation and journalist Simon Brix in the podcast series "Mikroskop." They discussed the importance of digitally competent children and young people. The conversation lasted 20 minutes, and you can now find it in your podcast library.

Today's children and young people are born into a digital age. However, being born in recent times—or simply being good at using modern technologies—does not make one digitally competent. In this episode of Mikroskop, the focus is on the importance of providing children and young people with digital education and training, enabling them to navigate both the present and future where understanding technology is essential.

You can find the podcast episode featuring Ole Sejer Iversen, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, and journalist Simon Brix in the "Mikroskop" series on various platforms through the following link: