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Mille Skovhus Lunding's PhD defence

Mille Skovhus Lunding successfully defended her PhD dissertation "Bringing Augmented Reality to the Computational Thinking Agenda" on May 17, 2024.

Mille's research centers on making AR development accessible to everyone by creating user-friendly AR authoring tools. Guided by Marianne Graves Petersen, she investigates methods to help novice users design, reflect on, and collaborate on AR applications across various domains and devices.

The research demonstrates how to design an AR authoring tool that aids users in reflecting on the implications of AR technology. Further, Mille presents a set of different AR authoring tools that support novice users in creating AR applications. Analyzing these tools from a computational thinking perspective, she proposes a set of design principles for developing AR authoring tools that are independent of domain and AR device types. Finally, drawing on proxemics theory, she proposes a language for understanding the collaborative qualities of co-located AR, using it to discuss how to design collaborative AR authoring tools.

Read more about Mille's research here