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Join us at MatchPoints conference May 27-29 2021 at Aarhus University

Ole Sejer Iversen will chair a panel discussion on children and education Friday May 28 at 13.15 - 15.00.

MatchPoints 2021 explores the hopes and fears of an age where digitization is both ubiquitous and more ambiguous than ever. The conference features international keynote speakers and panels organized by Aarhus University researchers.

Professor Ole Sejer Iversen will chair a panel discussion with Stefan Hermann, Rector, University College Copenhagen and Lene Tanggaard, Professor of Psychology, Aalborg University.

  • Read more about MatchPoints conference here.

MatchPoints 2021 will have a hybrid format, meaning that you can either participate in person, choosing between four main tracks onsite, or participate as a virtual attendee in a hybrid live track.