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CCTD at FabLearn 2024

CCTD contributes to FabLearn 2024 with talks and workshops from Ole Sejer Iversen, Marianne Graves and Karl-Emil Kjær Bilstrup.

Photo: FabLearn
Photo: FabLearn

This year's FabLearn theme focused on relevant and meaningful education for all children and young people. This year CCTD contributed to FabLearn with an opening presentation from Ole Sejer Iversen, a talk from Marianne Graves and a workshop from Karl-Emil Kjær Bilstrup. FabLearn is an annual conference in Denmark that aims to promote and encourage teaching in technology literacy, innovation, digital fabrication, and design thinking within Danish education, with a particular focus on primary and secondary education levels.

Opening keynote

In the opening keynote of FabLearn 2024, Ole Sejer Iversen talked about the importance of makerspace initiatives in relation to technology understanding. This talk aimed to take the temperature of the technological understanding expected to be implemented and highlights the pedagogical and didactic opportunities that a decade of makerspace experiences in Danish schools has to offer to the field of technological understanding.

Talk on AI in education

Marianne Graves gave a talk on artificial intelligence in education and addressed the question "What should all children and young people know about AI?". Her talk focused on why it is important to teach about complex digital technologies and provided examples of what all children, young people, and their educators should understand about these technologies. She emphasized the fact that children and young people are literally growing up with complex digital technologies in their pockets. Technologies such as AI, machine learning, and augmented reality are powerful tools that can provide insight into complex phenomena, generate sophisticated content, but can also be challenging to understand and recognize.

Workshop on models that can generate text

In this workshop, Karl-Emil discussed the challenge "How do text analysis, probability theory, data, and computers relate?". The workshop provides an introduction to how text can be understood in terms of numbers and probabilities, enabling the construction of mathematical models that can analyze and generate new text.


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