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CCT at Folkemødet 2016

The five debaters continuing the conversation after the debate aboard Coding Pirates' IT-Piratskib (pirate ship).

Director and associate professor Michael E. Caspersen, Center for Computational Thinking, participated in Folkemødet 2016 (The Peoples Political Festival) on Bornholm, debating informatics in school. It was a lively and great debate, and generally there were very positive attitudes toward introducing informatics in school both as a separate subject and in intimate interplay with virtually all other school subjects. As MP Sofie Carsten Nielsen (R) puts it: "I think we must have informatics [in school] and we must think of informatics as equally important to mathematics". Most participants shared this vision. The challenge, of course, is to identify the optimal processes for realisation of the vision. An essential first step is to form a national strategy for informatics in education. See the debate here (in Danish).