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Booklet on Computational Modelling (Introduktion til agentbaseret modellering med NetLogo)

It-vest networking universities, in collaboration with CCTD and Line Have Musaeus, have published a booklet on the subject of computational modelling called “Introduktion til agentbaseret modellering med NetLogo” by the author Palle Nowack.

The booklet describes the basic principles behind computational modelling with an emphasis on agent-based modelling and the use of the programming environment NetLogo.

The booklet is particularly relevant for educators in K-12 education, but researchers and educators in higher education will also be able to find much inspiration for teaching computing with a focus on modelling. The author offers readily applicable text and resources for teaching computational modelling.

The booklet can be found at the website GraspIT.dk under inspiration and materials, here: https://library.ct-denmark.org/dialog-og-inspiration/