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First report with experiences from the elective subject in technology comprehension available

In 2017 the Danish Minister of Education, Merete Riisager, decided to initiate a research project focusing on the development of the elective subject technology comprehension. The project runs over a three year trial period from 2017 - 2020.

In 2017 The Ministry of Education introduced technology comprehension as a new discipline for lower secondary education. Technology comprehension is first experimented as an elective subject in 13 schools across Denmark, and the discipline combines elements from computing, design, and the societal aspect of technology.

  • Read more about the project here.

The first results point to the importance of teacher training since technology comprehension challenges teachers’ existing competencies in relation to the discipline.

  • Find the report published by CCTD (in Danish) here.
  • Link to the report from emu.dk (in Danish) here.