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Line Have Musaeus accepted for REACT Fellowship 2020

Research in Education and Computational Thinking (REACT) is a Fellowship Programme for PhDs, Postdocs and Assistant Professors at Danish Universities.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science invites young scientists from Danish Universities to apply for a Research Fellowship focused on computational thinking at University of California, Berkeley or University of California, San Diego.

PhD student, Line Have Musaeus, has been accepted for a research stay at UC Berkeley in spring 2020. 

Line will be a part of Professor Dor Abrahamson's research group Embodied Design Research Laboratory (EDRL) during her stay. EDRL is a design-based research lab studying mathematical cognition and instruction by creating and evaluating theory-driven educational innovation using both traditional and cutting-edge media. During the stay, Line hopes to obtain a broad insight into computer science education and learning sciences, when addressing the overall question of how to implement computational thinking in high school subjects.

Read more about EDRL here.

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The research, shadowing and learning from practical experiences in California will provide the recipients of this fellowship with an opening to inspire and inform the current Danish debate and developments by bringing in an international perspective on research in education and computational thinking.

Read more about REACT here.

The REACT programme is managed by Aarhus University and Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley.