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Exchange Program

Future Competences: Computational Thinking – Learn from the USA

As Danish educators and policy makers are currently debating how to apply Computational Thinking and design in the Danish educational system, we are lacking behind countries such as the US, where they have already developed research programs and applied Computational Thinking and Design in their primary and secondary education for the past decade. 

With this exchange program, we want to develop an international network among researchers and students to learn from and go beyond the current state of the art within Computational Thinking and design. The goal is to position Denmark in the international elite when it comes to preparing future generations for the digital labour market.

Aim of the program

  • Improve Danish Ph.D.-student’s education in Computational Thinking research and increase the mobility of Danish students and scholars in the field 
  • Increase the number of publications in the peer-reviewed scientific literature authored by Danish students with co-authors from Denmark and the USA 
  • Foster lasting international collaborations in the key program areas that are able to successfully obtain competitive research funding 
  • Increase the number of students entering the field of Computation Thinking careers in Denmark – both at Universities and University Colleges. 

The program will offer:

  • Access and collaboration for Danish Ph.D.-students and postdocs in the field with some of the most advanced universities in the USA
  • Access and collaboration for teachers from Danish University Colleges to US schools who already teach these subjects (Both Palo Alto and San Francisco School districts have computer science in the core curriculum).
  • Access and knowledge for actors involved in shaping the coming curriculum for Computational Thinking in a Danish context for example by bringing leading experts to Denmark – one opportunity could be the Fablearn conference planned for april 2018.
  • Access and knowledge collection for policy makers in Demark to inform the policy process around



Marie-Louise Wagner

Research Assistant School of Communication and Culture - Information Science

Ole Sejer Iversen

Professor School of Communication and Culture - Information Science
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